Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Willow" -- The Magpie Odyssey V

"Willow" - The Magpie Odyssey V

I can't believe it was February when last I posted to this blog.  I can only attribute this to the fact that I was consumed with getting The Magpie Odyssey V ready for production.  It has gone off to the publisher and the galleys are back for editing.  Now I can tell you that it is simply called "Willow" and it tells the story of that elusive woman who has haunted most of the previous books in the series.  For those of you who follow such things, Willow is the younger, irrepressible sister of Mike Lorrah.  She has appeared at will (Her will, not mine) at various times throughout the story of the Lorrahs.  This Montana ranch family boasts four generations on the Crow Indian Reservation, and has a long history of Irish Old Religion practices supplemented by Crow Indian medicine.  The Magpie Odyssey series has traced the parallels between the two cultures and their beliefs while telling the story of the Lorrahs' deep friendships with tribal members. 

Willow always defied the traditional role that had been expected of her, and this tale of her adventures serves to enlighten one of the younger Lorrah family members.  Aisling Lorrah is the great-great niece of Willow, and when she undertakes some family history research for a University class project, she learns much about this ancestor -- but more about herself.  How the lives and experiences of these two women weave together will make a great ride for any reader.  There is mystery, magic, and danger in this new book.

Willow would not have it any other way.

Note:  Publication is expected later in the summer.

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