Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Magpie Odyssey Book 5 Underway

I am well into the first quarter of the newest book in the Magpie Odyssey series.  In this one, we will follow -- or should I say, we will be pulled along on -- the adventures of Willow Lorrah.  Willow has proven such a strong figure in the previous books that many of my readers have expressed a strong desire to know more about her.  This is not a surprise.  Willow has that sort of influence on any who come to know her.
Problem is, she is not an easy character to write. 
Not because she is not interesting, or because there is not that much to know about her.  On the contrary, she is fascinating.  But since it is my job to capture enough about her to put on paper, I can tell you she is elusive.  When she is prepared for me to write, she makes her presence known, and I write headlong, racing to keep up.  But then she will disappear for days at a time, and there is no way to write anything about her during that time.
It is not that I get writer's block.  I can write pages and pages about anything else.  Just not about Willow.